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hey there,

i am latrina caldwell

I use my unique story of domestic violence, childhood trauma, to teach & inspire women to empower their growth. I implore the values of Humility, Integrity, Spirituality & Selflessness.  I want to give back to the communities that I love as a beacon of comfort, healing, empowerment, growth and understanding.


Believing that Self-Care is a lifestyle, I am committed to living a  lifestyle that is grounded In the values of empowerment, hard work, dedication and living a balanced/fulfilling life.  I strive to help Individuals foster stable success within themselves and their personal goals. 


We have the power to change the trajectory of our lives and this has led me to begin "Choose 2 Change Coaching LLC".


As a Certified Life Coach & Mental Health Professional, my vision in coaching is to:

1. Help individuals with healing within their family members & domestic relationships.

2. Improve interpersonal goals professionally.

3. Reach their financial goals

4.Empower their levels of SELF-Love, SELF-Care, SELF-Confidence & SELF-Esteem. 


With a Human Services/Individualized Studies Degree I have been working diligently to improve individuals quality of life within the community for over a decade. Currently, I serve my community as a City Commissioner as well as a community leader through my non-profit organization "Saving Our Communities Foundation".Our services/programs have a direct impact on community recovery. “Saving Our Communities Foundation” mission is to give back, to restore family structures and provide meaningful relationships that enhance families through resources and services offered. 


In 2020, I was coined as the "Self-Care Pusher”, Best-selling Author and has participated in several book collaborations. Motivational Speaker of many events, Self-Care Coach and Philanthropist.

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