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I am a  Domestic Violence survivor, I have overcame mental and emotional trauma, abuse, low self-esteem, you name it, I've faced it and conquerored it.

I’m an example that you don't have to have the perfect start at life to make the choice to change your present and future. I speak on stages all over  to empower, and inspire others to choose to change by creating a lifestyle of self-care, love and health.



LR Wilson,
Empowerment Coach

Latrina's Motivational Speaking as it relates to Self-care is invigorating, astonishing and inviting. She is coined the Self Care Guru for a reason. Her 5x5 rule is used on many platforms and it makes you stop and think openly and honestly about how you are showing up for yourself.


BreYanna Mitriece,
Self-Love Mentor

Latrina is an extraordinary speaker. I've had the privilege of attending multiple events where she graced the stage with her presence. What sets her apart is her genuine authenticity. She fearlessly shares the raw and transformative experiences that have shaped her into the remarkable person she is today. Her ability to connect with the audience on a personal level is truly remarkable.


Delora Janae

Latrina is an amazing speaker . I have had the opportunity to hear her speak on more than one occasion. She is so real about her life. She speaks about the things she experienced that led her to who she is today. She is relatable. I love that she doesn’t try to cover her up past but she uses it to motivate others who may have experienced similar things. She is inspiring so many through her messages, books and self care routines . Latrina has come so far and has touched so many lives along they way. 

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